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architects, double dip recession?

At the present time of crisis in several EU countries and with the introduction of austerity measures in many more, a recent survey by the Architects Council of Europe (ACE) on the impact of the global financial crisis on the architectural profession indicates that a double dip recession may be underway.

The Architects' Council of Europe carries out a bi-annual survey of architectural practices across Europe on the impact of the global financial crisis on architecture. This study considers that the lists of commissioned projects (i.e the order books) are the most reliable indicators of the economic health and vitality of the architectural profession. The results of the latest survey are very telling, as is the level of optimism about future workloads. In fact, they show that the level of optimism about increasing orders and demand for architectural services have fallen since June 2010 and that optimism about new jobs in architects offices remains low.

The figures indicate that a second dip in expectations (and thus a double dip recession) appears to be confirmed. Should this be the case, then 2011 will not be the first year of a robust recovery, as many had hoped, but a year when the recession will deepen.

best source of information on international practice

Architects are no longer confined to the borders of their own countries when providing services. Either working from their home base, associating with a foreign fellow architect or opening an office abroad, international practice has become a consequence of the global economy.

The “Architectural profession around the world” website has just been revamped! It provides insight information about 91 countries all over the globe. It is the best existing database to understand the context in which architects work and constitutes a focal point in assisting them in their transnational practice.

The information can be consulted by country or by subject.

For each country, there are 6 main blocs of information:

Statistics, including general information and useful adresses
Education, dealing with standards, internship, examination and titles
Regulation, indicating the process to access the profession
Practice, detailing the activities architects can carry, their liability or the insurances they need
Procurement, referring to the methods to obtain commissions or the way to calculate fair compensations.
Transnational practice, informing about relevant aspects of international ventures

For each subject, a statistics engine enables users to obtain comparative data by territorial area. These areas can be geographical continents, economical or political zones deriving from international accords, or the world regions as defined by the UIA.

The website is promoted by the UIA Professional Practice Commission and is based on the Accord on Recommended International Standards of Professionalism in Architectural Practice. This document is the basis for mutual recognition of architectural competences at world level and is aimed to facilitate freedom of international movement.

I wholeheartedly encourage all those willing to get first hand information to check this database when planning to practise abroad. We spent a lot of energy creating and up-dating the website. Your comments on how to improve it are most welcome!