Mientras que mi web professional muestra las obras de mi despacho como arquitecto, este blog recopila documentación sobre una serie de actividades que desarrollo en paralelo a él. El ejercicio internacional de la profesión, las entidades entorno a las que se organizan los arquitectos o la reflexión sobre los modos de intervención en la ciudad constituyen los principales puntos de atención, al tiempo que se facilita el acceso a una serie de enlaces relacionados.

RadiRigu! public space as a lever for social transformation.

RadiRigu! is a initiative launched by a group of Latvian architects, planners and landscape architects with the aim to identify and define strategic projects for the city of Riga.

As from April 2011, around 30 professionals of various generations have been working on five different neighbourhoods in the city that they picked-up from an initial selection of ten. Their work has involved detailed site analysis, neighbours participation and intensive dialogue with the public authorities. Through various workshops at regular intervals and with the participation of external coaches, they have developed a general scheme for each of the areas and at least one specific project for each of the neighbourhoods. All of them are based on the principle that public space can be a lever for social transformation and the regeneration of the city.

The projects were presented in a two-days seminar in Riga's City Hall in which several local and foreign specialists participated and that was broadly reported by the local media. A travelling exhibition is also on display.

The initiative has been the opportunity to arise awareness about the potential of urban design to redefine the condition in which we live, with a particular emphasis on the role that public space plays in it. It has also been a chance to bring in some expertise on urban planning and test locally tools and theories that had proven valid somewhere else. Coming from a situation that has dramatically changed the way Eastern European cities are managed -as part of the overall changes their society has experienced-, RadiRigu! constitutes an excellent opportunity to give the Latvian capital a facelift.

Projects have been made available to the local development authorities, who were involved in the initiative from the very beginning. They are currently evaluating the feasibility studies that each of the proposals contained and checking how they can now make things happen.

Further entries will describe each of the projects.

5 comentarios:

  1. Ja, Jordi! You say that it would be good that the city realize it... Can you imagine? They started do it! And more news - we have new city architect! Last time I am thinking how can we combine education, practice and urban action... Somehow I feel that this "coctaile" is the future "energy drink" for planning and design. How do you think?

  2. That's really very good news, Helena! It's really encouraging that all the efforts that have been made to prepare these projects will now be carried on by the city. I much look forward to further hearing about what is happening.

  3. Great to see that neighbourhoods are getting some attention. The city center of Riga looks great with its Jugendstil architecture, cobbled streets, canal and parks. But the neighbourhoods are still stuck in the Soviet Union time. Urban design improvements are very needed there. How responsive was the public during the consultations?

    Elina Elnione

  4. Riga's city centre has, in fact, pretty amazing Jugendstil architecture, but, as you indicate, the neighbourhoods around are lacking of quality urban design that can make them attractive. Neighbours were quite participative. Jonas Büchel was in charge of coaching the teams in dealing with residents participation. He can probably further comment on this issue.

  5. Oladayo Ramon recomienda esto.