Mientras que mi web professional muestra las obras de mi despacho como arquitecto, este blog recopila documentación sobre una serie de actividades que desarrollo en paralelo a él. El ejercicio internacional de la profesión, las entidades entorno a las que se organizan los arquitectos o la reflexión sobre los modos de intervención en la ciudad constituyen los principales puntos de atención, al tiempo que se facilita el acceso a una serie de enlaces relacionados.

building solutions world congress

From 22 to 24 May and within the framework of Construmat, the Building Fair taking place every two years in Barcelona, the first edition of the Building Solutions World Congress will open its doors, an event that combines discipline and industry, two worlds continuously overlapping but lacking cross-fertilization.

Hot topics for two strategic areas for the future of Architecture and Construction, the Mediterranean and Latin America, will be discussed at two plenary sessions. A closing lecture by Antonio Cruz will present their work for the recently opened Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The Congress will be an opportunity to discuss the challenges the industry is facing today and the practical solutions that can enable us to face the future.

A rich
programme of parallel sessions will discuss reference projects, discover the most advanced technological innovations and debate the policies needed to addressing existing challenges. With a strong international flavour and structured around three major axes -sustainability, innovation and rehabilitation-, the Congress envisages a reflection that avoids stagnant compartmentalization.
Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra, Emre Arolat, Alfredo Brillembourg, Peter Rich, Beth Galí, Victor Navarro, Carme Pinós, Louisa Hutton, Arturo Franco, Stefano Boeri, Olga Tarrasó, Mauricio Rocha, Meritxell Inaraja, Fermín Vázquez, Bet Capdeferro, John Macdonald, Victòria Garriga, Ruiz Larrea, Marti Franch, Francisca Pulido or João Alvaro Rocha, are just some of the 65 international speakers who will participate in the sessions.

Wadi Hanifa Wetlands in
Riyadh, the Matadero in Madrid, the public space for the Port of Tangier, in Morocco, the CaixaForum in Seville Shipyards, the Collage House in Girona, the project for Adhamiya, in Baghdad, urban regeneration of Shibam, in Yemen, the harbour front of Porto Alegre, Brazil, the rehabilitation of the Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona, ​​the Tower David / Gran Horizonte in Caracas, the public space for HafenCity in Hamburg, the restoration of Culip Tudela (Club Med) in Cap de Creus, Girona, buildings for the cultural capital of Marseilles in France ... are some of the projects that will be displayed.
They will be joined by technological research centers such as the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, TWI Cambridge, the Adhesion Lab at the University of Alicante, the Heimholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Energie und Materialen, Materfad, or Saudi Arabia's Nanotech Lab, who will present papers displaying potential products for the future of the construction market or materials currently being tested that may revolutionize the way we build.

A final block of sessions will discuss
energy efficiency policies related to new regulations in Spain and Europe, the role of handbooks in rehabilitation or the participation processes that allow society to be involved in revamping our built environment.

A first-rate event open for registration to professional of the construction industry (architects, engineers, surveyors, builders, providers, students ...) who, in many cases, enjoy significant discounts.

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