Mientras que mi web professional muestra las obras de mi despacho como arquitecto, este blog recopila documentación sobre una serie de actividades que desarrollo en paralelo a él. El ejercicio internacional de la profesión, las entidades entorno a las que se organizan los arquitectos o la reflexión sobre los modos de intervención en la ciudad constituyen los principales puntos de atención, al tiempo que se facilita el acceso a una serie de enlaces relacionados.

architectural flight over tokyo

Take a ride on a zeppelin, 600 meters above the city of Tokyo, and discover its architectural landmarks, from Harumi Harbour all the way to Yokohama.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. This is very cool! What an incredibly fascinating city Tokyo is from the air. And the music is very nice, too.

    Posted by John Moynahan

  2. architeture japanese very nice. very interesting the buildings . regrds

    Posted by Fernando Marques Eng

  3. Japanese architects are really very good. They are harding working. And I always help them do renderings for their projects.

    Posted by Tommy Hou

  4. Hi, I'm Joe Yamamoto. I have an archtiectural and interior design company, located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, in the middle of this vast urban sprawl. I watched the video and enjoyed reading your comment on pencil buildings. I love hearing comments from foreign visitors or observers about Tokyo & Japan. It is a pretty unique place. There are many things we overlook because we live here. It is refreshing to get comments and it opens our eyes to new things that are right in front of us. I'd like to hear more.
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    Posted by Joe Yamamoto

  5. Thanks Jordi. This is an interesting video. It is really good way to know about Tokyo in such a short time.

    Posted by yukiko tani