Mientras que mi web professional muestra las obras de mi despacho como arquitecto, este blog recopila documentación sobre una serie de actividades que desarrollo en paralelo a él. El ejercicio internacional de la profesión, las entidades entorno a las que se organizan los arquitectos o la reflexión sobre los modos de intervención en la ciudad constituyen los principales puntos de atención, al tiempo que se facilita el acceso a una serie de enlaces relacionados.

linkedIn account reaches 100 contacts

A few months ago, I opened a LinkedIn account. It was an opportunity to show in a reasonable order the activities I carry in parallel to the work at my practice. While my website is devoted to the buildings and public spaces I build, the LinkedIn profile refers mainly to my tasks at the International Union of Architects, Arquinfad or the Architects’ professional organisations in Spain. It also contains a list of the various educational centres in which I have been teaching and updates the information I publish through twitter or this blog.

Thanks to it, I established contact with people who are interested in similar subjects and got the opportunity to discuss about them. This is being a most enriching experience that allows me to further reflect on some aspects of our profession and expand my views. My own professional network has now reached 100 contacts and is still growing. I look forward to keeping in touch with all of them and developing further ties.

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